Donna Birds Art

Original work in Acrylic, Encaustic, Ink, Intense ink, Oil , Pastels, Pen, Pencil  (graphie and color) ,Watercolor and Window Splashes.

Donna Bird


WELCOME to Donna Bird's Art:    I am the Artist, owner and designer.  Have a peek at my work and maybe there is something here you might want, or have a picture you would like to have painted.  I hope you enjoy this site as much as I have with building it.  Have a nice day, Donna.

Acrylic and oil painting on Stretched Canvas, place mat's and floor cloth.  I also do sketching in charcoal and colored pencils, paintings on glass ornaments, and will do custom orders as well.    I also do Encaustis painting  which is painting with Bees Wax.   In 2016 I started painting outside Wall Murals as well.

Donna is self employed artist who has lived most of her life in Burtts’ Corner, New Brunswick, Canada.   Recently has moved to Cambridge Narrows, New Brunswick, Canada with her husband.  Between Donna and her husband, they have six grown children and three grandchildren.   Donna has been a creative person all of her life. She is self taught and started drawing, sketching when she was old enough to hold a pencil, and started painting shortly thereafter.   As a child she felt as she could escape to another world when she grabbed a pencil and tablet of paper. She has been painting and selling her work since she was a teenager. To this day she finds painting very relaxing, and it is her escape from the pressures of everyday living.

Special orders done upon request. Can do painting from photos.  If there any on this site you would like to purchase, please e-mail me at and I will get right back to you. 

Donna is also a member of the Fineart America, and Artists in Canada.

I also sell Avon, if you are interested in buy or even selling Avon,  my email is

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Donna Bird

Artist from Burtt's Corner, New Brunswick now living in the Village of Cambridge Narrows, New Brunswick, Canada.